Legislative Agenda


The Hanover Area has a viable business and industry base that is projected to grow in the future. Transportation infrastructure has a significant impact on companies and employees. Roadway improvements and upgrades are critical to transporting goods and services, employee commuting, and customer access. The Hanover Chamber is committed to working with local, state and federal officials to advance needed roadway improvements to reduce congestion and ensure convenient transportation.

Business Taxes
A fair and competitive business tax structure is essential to attracting and retaining business in Pennsylvania. The Chamber will work with policy makers to create a more competitive tax climate. The Chamber will encourage continued phase out of the capital stock and franchise tax; property tax reform that will not place additional burden on business and a reduction in the corporate net income tax rate.

Affordable Health Care
Rising health insurance costs are ranked among the top issues that businesses are challenged to manage. Businesses are finding it more difficult to absorb increased costs while employees are faced with paying higher monthly premiums. The Chamber is committed to working with policy makers to find solutions to reduce the growth of health insurance costs while increasing the efficiency of the health care
delivery system.

With electric deregulation emerging as a significant business issue that will have a profound affect on the production of goods many business owners are looking for potential options. The Chamber will work to educate members on available options and programs to reduce the impact of the removal of electric rate caps.

Labor Climate
Pennsylvania’s labor laws are more burdensome and costly than other states’ labor laws. The Chamber continues to work to keep members abreast of issues negatively impacting business, such as reforms to the workers’ compensation system and unemployment compensation system.

The Hanover area’s economic future is dependent on a well-educated workforce. The Chamber will work with policy makers, educators and the business community to ensure that the needs of the business community are met.

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