Chamber Celebrates Hanover Area's Best and Brightest Students

The Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Delone Catholic, Hanover, South Western, New Oxford, and Spring Grove school districts, recognized graduates from the class of 2019 in the annual Best and Brightest Ceremony on Sunday, May 5 at Delone Catholic High School.

The chamber would like to thank Elsner Engineering Works for sponsoring this event.



Lynneah Smith, Human Resources Manager for Elsner, gave some words of encouragement to upcoming graduates, "No matter where your future takes you, we hope that once you have honed your trades and talents, you will return to the Hanover area to lead the next generation of world class organizations. Just as your parents, teachers, community members and business leaders have helped to create a town that has nurtured your growth into adulthood, so it is your duty to nurture and grow the generations that follow."

Justine Trucksess, Manager of Main Street Hanover and 2005 graduate of Delone Catholic High School, was the keynote speaker for the evening. Trucksess shared her path back to Hanover after college, noting how volunteering played a large role in securing her current position, "Because of giving my time, I was able to be in the right place to pursue a passion that has turned out to be such an incredible opportunity. [This job] gives me purpose and allows me to give and serve this community that I love. I feel that my job allows me to continue striving be the servant leader that I admire so much in others.  Look to your parents, your teachers, your mentors – you will find the qualities that inspire you and work hard to emulate them, said Trucksess. "Volunteer – serve others. Seek leaders who serve. Find that passion that gives you meaning."

Emily Freiert